Pacific Shoring manufactures trench shoring equipment and supplies distributors throughout the United States and abroad. We provide details about our  Shoring Equipment through this website and links to tabulated data.

Please scroll down for answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our shoring products.

Q. Where will I find tabulated data on your Shoring Products?
A. Link to our shoring equipment, select any product and click the Tablulated Data button.

Q. I am a dealer, how do I get pricing information on your shoring products?
A. If you are dealer, contact us for pricing information.

Q. Do you produce custom assemblies for dealers?
A. Yes. contact us for details.

Q. I am not a dealer, how do I get more information on your shoring equipment products?
A. Please contact a Shoring Equipment Dealer in your area.

Q. Do you ship shoring equipment out of the United States?
A. Currently we supply shoring equipment within the United States and Over Seas.


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